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Schneider Electric

Practical Options for Deploying Small Server Rooms and Micro Data Centers

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Small server rooms and branch offices are typically unorganized, unsecure, hot, unmonitored, and space constrained. These conditions can lead to system downtime or, at the very least, lead to “close calls” that get management’s attention.

Practical experience with these problems reveals a short list of effective methods to improve the availability of IT operations within small server rooms and branch offices. This paper discusses making realistic improvements to power, cooling, racks, physical security, monitoring, and lighting in small server rooms and branch offices with up to 10kW of IT load.

Red Hat & Intel

Clouds Heading in New Directions

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Just over a third of organisations in the countries surveyed are happy with the security delivered by public cloud providers. Yet the majority (62%) are dictated by strict data protection requirements which demand that data and applications are hosted within private, on-premise clouds.premise hosting.

Schneider Electric

The Drivers and Benefits of Edge Computing

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Internet use is trending towards bandwidth-intensive content and an increasing number of attached “things”. At the same time, mobile telecom networks and data networks are converging into a cloud computing architecture. To support needs today and tomorrow, computing power and storage is being inserted out on the network edge in order to lower data transport time and increase availability. Edge computing brings bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications closer to the user or data source. This white paper explains the drivers of edge computing and explores the various types of edge computing available.


Does BYOD Hold the Keys to a Better Workforce?

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BYOD, It’s here, it’s working and it makes your staff happier. But you’ve got to work at it. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD schemes are changing the way that organisations deploy IT. BYOD supporters say that the model liberates users to be more effective but critics say it can lead to a loss of control or even security. To find out the true state of play in BYOD today Fujitsu Commissioned IDG Connect to research and analyse the feelings of 250 IT and Business decision makers across 6 regions. The results were remarkable.
To find out more, download our free White Paper here.


The Growing Importance Of WiFi In Hotels

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If you run hotels, what’s your view of WiFi offerings? To many people wireless internet is a utility that we need almost as much as electricity or running water but hotel operators have all sorts of strategies.
First, almost three-quarters of hotel operators strongly believe WiFi does increase bookings. Almost half say it’s ‘vital’.
Second, who pays? 68% offer free WiFi in public areas but just 13% in bedrooms.
Third, WiFi services: hotels offer or plan to use mobile services for special offers, check-out and check-in.
Read the White Paper for more insights.

Schneider Electric

Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers

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Data center systems or subsystems that are pre-assembled in a factory are often described with terms like prefabricated, containerized, modular, skid-based, podbased, mobile, portable, self-contained, all-in-one, and more. There are, however, important distinctions between the various types of factory-built building blocks on the market. This paper proposes standard terminology for categorizing the types of prefabricated modular data centers, defines and compares their key attributes, and provides a framework for choosing the best approach(es) based on business requirements.


Private Cloud Deployment

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Where do you stand on deploying private cloud?
First, more of us are moving towards private cloud: in two years 82% expect to be at an intermediate or mature stage of adoption, compared to 59% today.
Second, what are people learning when they deploy private cloud? The number-one answer is that IT change management must be strong.
Third, what’s going to be the next big thing? In two years, database as a service will be the most strategic application.
To find out more, download our free White Paper here.

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